Uncovering the Voices: Irish Female Playwrights of the Free State Years Analyzing Lady Augusta Gregory, Teresa Deevy, Mary Rynne, and Christine Longford's life and work during the years 1922-149. Fulbright Grant for Archival research 2017-2018 in Galway, Ireland.

Upcoming Scholarship:

Chapter titled “Christine Longford’s War Plays during the Emergency” in Cultural Convergence: The Dublin Gate Theatre, 1929-1960.

Recent Scholarship:

Paper Presentation of "The Passion Play as Irish Nationalism - Lady Gregory's "The Story Brought by Brigit" at the American Conference for Irish Studies in Boston in March 2019.
Panel Presenter of “Waking the Archive: Performance, Reception and Memory Outside the Canon” with paper “Women Writing Women: Mary Rynne and Christine Longford” at the International Association for the Study of Irish Literature (IASIL) in The Netherlands in July 2018.